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Glass Balls
pom Glass Balls are dimensionally stable, resist corrosion and chemical absorption and can withstand high temperatures (up to 600° F.) Density varies depending on the type of glass used to manufacture the ball. Comballs supply high precision balls from the following types of glass:

Black Glass Balls are used in a variety of functions, however, it is most common in instrumentation. Black Glass is used in flow-meters and aircraft slip and turn indicators. Black glass balls are moderately resistant to corrosion.
Borosilicate Glass Balls are highly resistant to corrosion and most acids. Strong resistance to thermal shock and extended exposure to temperatures of up to 600° F ( 290° C )
Soda-Lime Glass Ball are used in economical check valves that are not subjected to thermal mechanical shock. Highly resistant to high alkaline solutions.

Item/Name Soda Lme Borosilicate Black Balls
Silica 72% 80% 69.5%
Soda 15% 4% 15.4%
Lime 9% ----- 3.8%
Magnesium 3% ----- -----
Alumina 1% 2% 0.3%
Boric Oxide ----- 14% 1.1%
Manganese Oxid ----- ----- 7.2%
Potassium Oxide ----- ----- 2.7%
Density 0.0892 lbs/inch to the 3rd power 0.0806 lbs/inch to the 3rd power 0.0914 lbs/inch to the 3rd power