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Comballs Ceramic Balls

Alumina Grinding MediaZrO2 Gring MediaZrSiO4 Grinding Beads

Precision Balls
Aluminum Oxide(Alumina,Al2O3) / Silicon Nitride(Si3N4) Zirconia(ZrO2)

0.8mm - 1/2" G3/G5
0.8mm - 1.0" G10/G16
0.8mm - 38mm G20/G28
0.8mm - 2.0" G40/G100/G200

ceramic ball

ZrO2 Ginding Media

Ceramic Beads Type TZP with specific weight 6.0 kg/dm3 Zirconia / Yttrium stabilised

The TZP medias are made with excellent super fine zirconia powders, granulated by spray drying, moulded by bag isostatic pressing and sintered at high temperature.High density, High toughness, High strength, Non-porous, Chip-resistant surface, and Super chemical stability.High grinding efficiency, Preventing material from contamination, High wear-resistance, Suitable for high viscosity.Applicable occasion: Ceramics, Electronics, Cosmetics, Medicines, Foodstuffs, Coatings, Top grade paints, Magnetic materials, Special materials etc.

Chemical Compostion: ZrO2: 95%
Chemical composition
Y2O3 : 5%
Real specific gravity
5.9-6.1 g/cm3
Bulk specific gravity:
Fracture toughness
Crushing strength (2.0mm)
Bending strength
Size Beads

0.1mm-60mm ( up 0.2mm)

Cylinders Φ6.35×6.35, Φ9.53×9.53, Φ12.7×12.7, Φ19.1×19.1mm,Φ25.4×25.4mm
Remarks Beads over 3mm are produced by CIP method
Packaging: 20 kg net in drum, 20 / 25 kg net in PP-bag or big bags of 500 or 1000 kg net.

Ceramic Beads Type ZTA with specific weight 4.0 kg/dm3
Zirconia / Alumina / Yttrium stabilised


Chemical Compostion: ZrO2: 20 %
Chemical composition
Al2O3 75% + Y2O3 : 1%
Real specific gravity
3.95-4.0 g/cm3
Bulk specific gravity:

0.4mm-30mm ( up 0.2mm)

Packaging: 25 kg net in PP-bag or big bags of 500 or 1000 kg net.