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Steel Balls Applications

Grinding ball and media

> Used mainly for pulverizing, fine milling and grinding of products and reducing particle size.
> Application areas: Metal powders (aluminum, copper, ferric oxide), inks, paints and pigments, face powder (talc).
> Both high carbon high chrome steel ( AISI 52100 ) and stainless steel AISI 304 is used.
> Grade 1000 balls are used having diameter tolerances as under:
Ball Diameter Tolerance (Ovality Per Ball): 0.001" / 0.0254 mm / 25.40 microns
Basic Diameter Tolerance (Ball To Ball Variation): +/- 0.005" / +/- 0.1270 mm / +/- 127 microns
> To reduce grinding costs, eclipse - steel ball with slight flattening at the poles - can be used. Since these are not spherical or perfectly round, the price is substantially lower without effecting the efficiency unduly.

Ball burnishing applications for mass finishing

>> Stainless and chrome steel balls are used mainly in centrifugal and vibratory finishing machines, tumblers and barrels for applications like burnishing, polishing, mirror finishing, eliminating manual buffing, improving component surface and Ra value resulting in improved finishes after coating and at times also for light deburring, smoothening and polishing in a single operation.
>> To save costs, where very high lustres are not required or in any case the component profile doesnot allow continuous rolling action, eclipse is used. This is a ball with slight flattening at the poles and is not completely round. The price is substantially lower as compared to a spherical steel ball. .

> Aluminum Diecastings
> Steel Bearing Cages
> Buckles and Badges
> Coin Blanks & Stampings
> Cutlery and Flatware
> Electrical Connectors
> Handicraft Items
> Hinges - Stainless Steel
> Jewellery - Gold and Silver
> Orthodental Instruments
> Zinc Diecastings
Steel Burnishing Media Advantages and Applications
Metal Polishing Applications for Aluminum, Cutlery, Coin Blanks, Jewelry
More Shapes for Vibratory Finishing Media - Satellite, Ballcone, Cylinder, Diagonal, Pin

Stainless steel, inox ball for spray pumps and dispensers

>> Stainless steel AISI 316 balls are used in spray pumps. SS 316 (Chromium 16-18%, Nickel 10-12%) has good corrossion resistance which is essential for personal care products and cosmetics.
>> Tolerance of the steel ball ranges from G-100 to G-500 depending upon the quality and performance specifications of the overall product.
>> 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm or 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16 inch diameter balls are generally used .
>> Micro Spray Pump in which these stainless steel balls are used include deodorant spray pump, eau-de-cologne spray pump, viscous liquid spray pump (for liquid soap and detergent), gel pump, toothpaste pump, pocket spray pump, spray pump for metal container (without gas pressure) and insecticide spray pumps.

Chromium, inox and stainless steel ball used as agitators

In the plating bath for plating zinc and lead.
To keep the bath homogeneous, chrome steel balls of 1, 1.5 and 2 mm diameters are used. High tolerance is not required hence grade 1000 polished ball is generally suitable.

In paint spray cans.
However, here balls of 3/8" or 10 mm diameters, G-1000 are used. The steel balls stir up the paint and mix it thoroughly.
In personal care products like nail polish.
Because of non usage, the fluid coagulates and the bottle is shaken to homogenise the fluid and make it free flowing. The bottle contains a steel ball which helps in achieving this when the bottle is shaken. Because of the fluid, the steel balls can be prone to corrossion, hence AISI 316 stainless balls are preferred. 3 and 5 mm sizes (1/8" and 3/16") are generally used. Grade -1000 is suitable for this application.

> To reduce costs, eclipses - balls with slight flattening at the poles - can be used. Since these are not spherical or perfectly round, the price is substantially lower without effecting the efficiency unduly. For all the above applications, eclipse is a good replacement for steel ball.

Bearing balls

For ball bearings
Grade 20 balls are applicable.
Manufactured in high carbon high chrome steel, also called bearing steel; ISI 52100.
Ball Diameter Tolerance (Ovality Per Ball): 0.000020" / 0.0005 mm / 0.50 microns
Basic Diameter Tolerance (Ball To Ball Variation): +/- 0.0001" / +/- 0.0025 mm / +/- 2.50 microns

For bicycles
Grade 200 or 500 are suitable.
Manufactured in high carbon high chrome steel, also called bearing steel; EN 31 / AISI 52100.
The generally used sizes are:
S. No. Diameter (Inches) Packing / Box
1. 1/8" 175 Gross
2. 1/4" 21 Gross
3. 3/16" 55 Gross
4. 5/32" 75 Gross

For automotive sub-assemblies, machine bearings and SPMs
Generally stainless steel balls, AISI 304 or 316; Grade 100 are used.

Stainless steel ball for valves

> Material AISI 304 and AISI 316
> Grade 200, Basic Diameter Tolerance +/- 25 microns
> Sizes 6 mm to 12.7 mm and 1/4" to 1/2"
(Our range includes only solid balls. Slotting or drilling, if required, will have to be done at your end)

Steel balls for decorative use

> Spectacle Frames
> Watches
> Artificial Jewellery
> Body Jewelry
> Handicrafts
> Designer Furniture and Interiors
(Our range doesnot include plated, painted or drilled balls)

More applications for steel balls

> Casters
> Conveyors
> Roller Skates
> Drawer Slides
> Door Lock